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The fact that we all know what this means really says something about our social lives

you should all go to your blogs and hover over them

well shit

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to recap:

  1. ana & elsa are rapunzel’s cousins
  2. it was to rapunzel & flynn’s wedding that ana & elsa’s parents were on their way to when they shipwrecked
  3. it was their shipwreck that ariel sees in the beginning of the little mermaid
  4. but they didn’t die, they washed up on an island and gave birth to tarzan, and were later killed by a cheetah

did i miss anything

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I love that if you look up something on google you usually get really generic photos


But if you add “tumblr” to your search you get really beautiful, artistic pictures





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So, my friend made herself into 15 foot long cardboard velociraptor with googly eyes

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For April Fools’ Day, my local radio station is playing literally nothing but Backstreet Boys’ songs and announcing them as other songs, and I think that’s beautiful.

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  • Rest of the World: Kilometers
  • America: No
  • Rest of the World: Celsius
  • America: No
  • Rest of the World: Daylight savings was last week
  • America: NO
  • Rest of the World: day month year
  • America: No
  • Rest of the World: drives on right side of the street
  • America: HELL YESSSS
  • UK: wait
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He is a rude and disrespectful person and is being given very little press attention for his atrocious behaviour. Whereas Miley is being blasted by EVERYONE for her artistic choices.


Hes not disrespectful he saved life’s thanks to all the haters he could be quitting music. The media is trying to tear him apart.. Look he was only 13 when he got signed. Hes been through a lot just respect that. Hes saving life’s right now and every second of the day. Yeah he can say things but he doesn’t mean them. 

Reasons why Justin Bieber is a disrespectful jerk:

  1. he said rape happens for a reason
  2. he wrote in a guest book at Anne Frank’s house that he ‘wishes she was a Belieber’
  3. he gagged and spat out a vegan steak that had been specially ordered for him
  4. he makes his fans pay tons of money to see him live, when he could easily afford tickets to be priced at like $40 instead of $100+
  5. he visited a children’s hospital in England and made them clear a space for him because he didn’t want to sit with the sick children. He stayed for 5 minutes while the cameras were rolling, then left without so much as a ‘thank you’
  6. he attacked a photographer at said hospital
  7. he peed in a restaurent kitchen
  8. he faked a really bad asthma attack, made his security guards call the paramedics, when they arrived he laughed his ass off and his people payed everyone to keep quiet about it
  9. he called a car to take him to the mall, then sent it back because he didn’t like the colour. he went to the mall and stayed for 5 minutes before leaving and saying it was the shittest mall he’d ever been to
  10. he got banned from Disneyland for punching Goofy
  11. he showed up to his own concert 2 hours late on a school night and then refused to give an explanation
  12. he is quoted as screaming ‘fuck bill clinton’ and attacking a cameraman, who is suing
  13. his mother is quoted as saying she ‘hopes he’ll mature soon’
  14. he spat on an old man’s face
  15. he threw a temper tantrum in a theatre because he was told he couldn’t bring his subway sandwich in because it was against the rules. he made a huge mess of the theatre and had to be carried out by bodyguards kicking and screaming that they were all worthless monkeys
  16. he showed up at disney unanounced and demanded that an entire restaurent be cleared so he could eat there, although people had had their reservations booked for months.
  17. he laughed at and told a woman in a bikini at a hotel swimming pool that she looked like a beached whale

there’s no point in trying to defend him, his actions are disrespectful and wrong and there are no excuses for them

This isn’t even including all the illegal things he’s done (which aren’t disrespectful so much as, well you know, illegal).

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It says here that there’s a possibility Elsa misinterpreted or misunderstood what her father statement, the King of Arendelle means about "Conceal it, don’t feel it, don’t let it show", in order to keep her powers in check. But when Elsa grew older, she slightly changed it to “Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know”. Hence, it is likely that she misunderstood her father’s meaning over the years. Thus, it suggests that while the King was trying to teach Elsa to ignore her powers by acting like they weren’t there so that she would not feel so isolated, Elsa believed she had to give up emotion to prevent her powers from being unleashed. As the years went by, Elsa’s powers became harder to control due to the lack of experience from confronting her own emotions.

So, maybe there is a possibility that her parents wasn’t really that bad just like lots of people say. They maybe made wrong decisions like keeping her secrets to everyone especially to Anna but I think they just want to protect Elsa.

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